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Announcing Miint – A Tasty Firefox Theme

Miint PreviewI’m happy to announce Miint, a flat, small, green & gray Firefox theme.

Miint was created with two things in mind, the first of which was the color green. Green is a color that I like a lot and one that I hadn’t worked into a theme yet. I also liked the look of Mint stats and OrderedList so I used them for inspiration and colors when creating Miint.

Size was the other factor. I have this crazy idea that the size of the elements in a Firefox theme can effect the browser speed. Not when loading a page, but when launching the browser, creating new windows or possibly when opening the preferences box. So I avoided using images where I could and tried just CSS. I compressed files and threw out those that were unnecessary. Will it make a difference? Not sure, but it can’t hurt.

You can find out a bit more about Miint from the official Miint page.

28 Responses

  1. Dan says:

    I like your theme, but I have some reservations on the sizes of the bookmarks toolbar.
    I think it shouldhave more padding.

    If you have the tabbar at the bottom, a subtle delimiter from the status bar would work.

    Also, some of the icons(gmail manager for example) loose from their appearance.

    Other than that, it is very enjoyable. Thanks

  2. Thomas says:

    How do you get the bookmarks or tab bar at the bottom??

  3. blah blah says:

    Hey, green’s my favorite color too! But I’m using iPox Aqua now 😛

  4. Cat says:

    I love the feel of this theme, but I absolutely hate green! Any possibility of creating Miint in other colours?

  5. Thomas says:

    No plans for colors at this time, but IF I did, what color?

  6. tsuta says:

    i absolutely love the simplicity and the flat feel of this theme! I also hope u can make it into more colours…maybe like a series? blue, red, green, yellow, dark, white….it would be awesome! thanx a lot!

  7. Jon says:

    Know of any complementary Windows XP themes/VSs to the Miint FF theme?

  8. Thomas says:

    Jon, I’m not on Windows so I can’t help there.

  9. Jonathan says:

    I’m a big fan of this theme. Please try Miint with some other colors. Maybe blue, or red?

  10. Jon says:

    I ended up using the Reluna theme with the Olove color scheme. Check it out:

  11. Thomas says:

    Jonathan, I’ll consider other colors in future updates. But don’t hold your breath.

  12. gotjukies says:

    Any plans to update this theme to support 3.0b+?
    I’ve gone through over a dozen desktop and laptops in the past year and I always revert back to this theme. But now I’m running Swiftfox 3.0bpre4 and I’m thinking of switching back to Firefox just because this theme is not compatible 🙁

  13. Thomas says:

    Miint will get updated sometime. However, probably not until Firefox gets into release candidates.

  14. joebodo says:

    Excellent theme. One small issue though. I cannot switch between themes and extensions. I use all-in-one side bar which may be the conflict. This problem occurs on both Windows and Ubuntu.

  15. Jannine says:

    You might not have realized this, but this theme matches exactly with the default Linux Mint 8 theme. Even down to the button styles. Great job; the perfect complement to my fresh new OS!

  16. Neil says:

    love this theme sooo much! Now that I have FF 3.6 I cant use it anymore, updates would be loved, I don’t know what to do without it :O

  17. Katya says:

    When will your Miint be updated to be compatible with Firefox 3.6? It’s been disabled since I’ve upgraded.

  18. Jannine says:

    Yes, Thomas, please update! 🙂 The new Linux Mint 9 matches just as well, and it came with FF 3.6 and now I’m stuck with the boring default FF theme.

  19. Adriana says:

    Just wanted to know, if you will update Miint for Firefox 3.6 – it’s my favorite theme, so I will stick to 3.5 as long as you won’t 🙂 With thanks and best wishes, A

  20. E says:

    Miint is my favorite theme, I remember last update I was upset to go so long without it. This time, I was forced to upgrade to Firefox 3.6 because of a new computer, but I did not want to solely because this theme is not yet available. I really hope you will update the theme, it brings calm when I’m feeling hectic, it feels like home.

    Either way, thank you for creating this theme. It’s very nice. Good job.

  21. Lil Roo says:

    I have to agree. This was one of my favorite themes as well, but can’t use it any longer. Sir, it seems you have an eager audience waiting. I was quite fine with the shade of green used for Miint but would also like to see other colors primarily simply to have the option. My suggestions (all in the light shade as Miint is) would be: blue, perhaps white, and and maybe… nah, just those two.

  22. Adam says:

    Please can you make this skin for Firefox 3.6.11 ? It was perfect and now I can’t use it !

  23. Sundae says:

    Hey, and update to firefox 4.0 would be awesome, any plans to do one soon?

    • Thomas says:

      I’m no longer updating my Firefox themes. Unless someone picks up the project, it’ll fade away.

      • Adriana says:

        So, let me ask you, Thomas: How much money would we need to put together to motivate you to update this theme? Thanks, Adriana

  24. moonjournal says:

    Just wanted to say I’m a fan of this theme, and had to change over to something else a long time ago, but would welcome a new version for the FF 4.0!

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