Miint PreviewI’m happy to announce Miint, a flat, small, green & gray Firefox theme.

Miint was created with two things in mind, the first of which was the color green. Green is a color that I like a lot and one that I hadn’t worked into a theme yet. I also liked the look of Mint stats and OrderedList so I used them for inspiration and colors when creating Miint.

Size was the other factor. I have this crazy idea that the size of the elements in a Firefox theme can effect the browser speed. Not when loading a page, but when launching the browser, creating new windows or possibly when opening the preferences box. So I avoided using images where I could and tried just CSS. I compressed files and threw out those that were unnecessary. Will it make a difference? Not sure, but it can’t hurt.

You can find out a bit more about Miint from the official Miint page.