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iAqua Firefox Theme Beta1

iAqua is my latest Firefox theme based off of Apple Mail’s interface and a mockup created by Mozilla.

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This all started when I ran across a forum post over at MacThemes. Ed posted about an idea that Mozilla had for Firefox 2’s Mac interface. It never came to be, so I started working on something that would be similar. A few hours later, iAqua was born.

Currently I’m releasing beta1. It’s NOT complete. What I’ve done is taken iPox, replaced some buttons and a few other interface elements. I do not have all the items themed. Really, this is just the very beginning. Current issues:

  • Not all large toolbar buttons are themed.
  • I don’t have any small toolbar buttons done.
  • No testing has been done on anything but Mac. However it should work on Windows and Linux just fine.
  • Lots and lots of elements aren’t themed and still match iPox.

Even with all that in mind, you can download iAqua today and play around with it. Lots of work is yet to be done, but so far, I’m really liking it. 🙂

Install iAqua Beta 1iAqua 0.3beta is out!

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  1. Penispatriot says:

    This looks awesome. I love it!

  2. Thomas says:

    iAqua 0.2beta is much better. Look for it this week!

  1. 6/25/2007

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