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Feed My Cow. Catch me on Pownce. Skitch it Up.

Hamburglar the CowFor any of you readers that might also have Facebook account, please go feed or pet my cow. Hamburglar, that’s his name, is lonely and would love some attention.

If you’d rather connect via Pownce, I’m now no that too. I’ll use it about as much as I do Twitter, and that’s not a whole lot.

I’ve also been checking out Skitch, the new little graphics program that’s suppose to be amazing. So far, it looks very cool, acts great, but has been troublesum to actually use. Maybe I haven’t put enough time into learning it, or maybe I’m just stuck in my Fireworks ways, but Skitch just doesn’t seem quite as cool as I though it would. As I use it more though, I’ll probably like it more.

One last thing, I have iAqua up on the Mozilla Addon site. However, I need a bunch of reviews before they’ll make it live. So, if you could, please go over and review it. Remember, it’s in the sandbox!

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  1. Benigna Marko says:

    Love it. While out of town feed my cow too.

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