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5 More Fun Free Web Games

After the success of my first five web games post, I thought I’d put a second one together with five more free web games that I’ve come across since then. All are pretty simple to top play and yet challenging at the same time. However, they are also addicting. It’s not my fault if you spend hours playing and getting nothing else done. 😉

3d Logic II- Stronghold of Sage – There is quite a bit of a story here, and lots of nice graphics, but the game is very simple. Just connect the colors. Click on any one colored square and then fill in the transparent squares until you connect it with the matching colored square. Sounds easy right? Well it is for the first few levels. After that, it gets tricky!
3d Logic Game

filler – Again, a simple game. Just fill up 2/3 of the screen with with balls you create and you win the level. However, if you’re creating a ball and one of the bouncy balls hit it, yours will pop. Hint: Trap the little bouncing buggers to keep them out of your way.
filler Game

Spin the Black Circle – Simply move your ball to the black whole and advanced to the next level. However, watch out for the spike’s as they’ll kill you. Gravity is also not on your side… or is it?
Spin Black Circle Game

Moon Master: Rahkon – This is one of those that is just fun to play even if you don’t know what you’re doing. Move left right, jump, bounce, collect balls, shoot lasers and just have fun.
Moon Master Game

Chain Factor – A bit of thinking is needed here. The instructions may sound complex, but once you get it figured out, it’s quite addicting. I enjoyed it the first time even though I had no idea what I was doing.
Chain Factor Game

All of these games have a few things in common; no additional software is required, no overly complex instructions and all are free.


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