Tom, a fan of MidnightFox, emailed me the other day about issues surrounding the ugly status bar and other toolsbars in MidnightFox. I don’t see the issues, but some Windows users do. So we worked together to iron out the problems. Along the way, I started tweaking things I no longer liked about the theme.

One of the biggest updates were all new toolbar buttons. I used the same icons I have in extero and I took some direction from Pixelmator for that’s the graphic design program I was using. I also tweaked the tabs and a few other areas to create a darker more polished version of MidnightFox.

New MidnightFox?

Before I shock all the current users by releasing an update, I’d love to get your feedback. Do you feel it’s a worthy update to MidnightFox? Or do you feel that this should be a spin off theme all together and leave MidnightFox’s buttons alone?

It’s always best to try things out first, so you can get a real feel for the theme. You can install the latest MidnightFox beta, give it a spin, and leave your comments below.

To install, right click this link and save the file to your desktop. Then open Firefox’ addons window and drag and drop the mf66a.jar file onto the addons window.  It should then install.

Firefox 3 not yet supported.