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Valentines Day Pink Theme for Firefox

PinkHope Firefox ThemeIf you’re looking for a nice Valentines day theme for Firefox, check out PinkHope. It’s heavy on the pink and should work out well. Better yet, it’s completely free. 🙂

Granted, it wasn’t designed especially for Valentines day, but it works. PinkHope is actually a theme to help spread breast cancer awareness. It just happens to be a good Valentines Day theme too.

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  1. IceKat says:

    I love pink, hence the website link, but have upgraded recently to firefox 3. PLEASE update pink hope. It’s the best pink theme for firefox and I totally miss it.

  2. ESKS says:

    I just wanted you to know that I hope you update this theme for the new FireFox. You don’t know how much good you’ve done, but i’m hoping that once I get finished with this (very long) story, you’ll understand why.

    My company asked me about a way to raise money for breast cancer awareness (since we had a fund-raising every year for it) and, I hope you don’t mind, but I actually used this theme to do it.

    Late last year, our company sent out an email encouraging us to download Firefox as the “browser of choice” for our company. When I found this theme, I knew I’d found a way to raise money!

    I sent out a blanket email and let everyone know that the company was sponsoring this theme as the “theme of choice” for the next 30 days. (Keep in mind that I’m the “HR chick” and most of the time my emails don’t get read. They go in a folder that’s automatically filtered, but I capitalized on this to the fullest extent of my abilities.)

    I had the IT guys check every day to see how many people downloaded and applied this theme. The first week was horrendous. We had 10 downloads out of just over 100 people. So, I sent another email, this time with “important” in the subject line. The next week, we got 20 more downloads. After 4 weeks the final total downloaded was pitiful…43. Less than HALF! I could not have been more stoked! Why? Here’s the catch….

    Because each email I sent returned a note to me saying it had been “read”, employees couldn’t claim they didn’t get it. And for every day in that month that they DIDN’T download this theme, they owed the breast cancer fund $1! Most of them felt like such a$$e$ they didn’t even fuss. They ponied up their $30 and kept their heads down. In the end, all of them said they knew it was for a good cause. 🙂

    In the end, we raised $1,755.00!!! And then, because the company agreed to match it, that brought the total to $3,510.00. BUT THERE’S MORE!

    The company next to us was in on the deal and their HR manager said they’d beat us (using YOUR theme). The 2 companies agreed on a deal: the loser has to fork over their “earnings” and then DOUBLE IT! All told, we raised almost $10,000 for the breast cancer foundation in our area!!!

    I don’t work for that company anymore, but I’m thinking of doing the same thing later this year at the company I’m employed with now… *insert evil grin here*….which is: NASA!

    So, from a southern belle in AL who would really love to use this theme as a way to raise money for a good cause, will you please consider giving a little time to updating this theme for FF3? Please? And I hope you don’t mind we used it. (And just so you know, I sent them to this page to download it. So you got all the website hits and such.)

    Thank you..from me..and those you’ve helped without ever knowing it.

  3. Thomas says:

    PinkHope is currently being worked on. 🙂

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