There are no shortage of Twitter applications out there. Each client seems to have a slightly different feature set too. I’ve tried a lot of them and below is a list of good Twitter applications that have been built for the Mac.  No Adobe Air suggestions here, and most are available only on the Mac.

Simple and pretty, this app has the ability to be one of the nicest looking Twitter apps.  It also comes with three built in themes which are very nice and supports multiple accounts.  This one is one I haven’t played with much, but am loving it the more I use it.  Only downside so far is no way to distinguish between read and un-read tweets.


Still in beta, Canary is said to be the sexiest Twitter client out there.  It’s a nice start and will be one to watch.  No support for multiple accounts but has all the other features you’d need.


Not only for Twitter, EventBox also integrates Facebook, Flickr, RSS and Google Reader.  More services on the way too they say.  It’s a bit big for me, but yet I really like it.  Would love to see it get multiple Twitter account support.


Lounge made quite an entrance recently.  It looks good, has nice features and supports multiple accounts.  It’ll be a good one to watch as it grows.  Also available for the iPhone.


Nambu is my favorite Twitter client right now.  It’s visually appealing, has the ability to clear out read tweets, a menu bar icon for easy access, and makes managing multiple accounts extremely easy.  Even comes with three different ways to view your timeline.  Nambu also plans to add Facebook support.  Highly recommended.  Also available for the iPhone.


Nice Twitter client with the necessary features.  Makes keeping track of read and unread tweets easy by just mousing over the tweets.  I don’t see a way to re-tweet though.  Humm… Also available for the iPhone.


Pwitter has a nice simple interface.  It reminds me of Twitterrific only with a lot more features.  Has a nice menu bar icon for hiding and showing the main window which is always nice.  Missing the ability for multiple accounts though. If you use Twitterrific, this would be a great step up.


Nice Twitter client but lacks re-tweet capabilities.  You can bookmark your last read message so when you come back, you know what you’ve read and what you haven’t.


Don’t know a lot about this one.  Tototl looks like a simplistic Twitter client but is not one I’ve tried.


Probably the most popular Mac Twitter client.  Works under 10.4 and 10.5 and comes in a very small footprint with a menu bar icon for easy access.  Downsides are that it doesn’t segment out direct messages and replies into their own area and doesn’t have a re-tweet option. It doesn’t work with multiple accounts either. Also available for the iPhone.


TwitterPod seems to have had a great start, but development has stalled.  Missing are quite a few options, but it’s still a nice basic client.  Would love to see it advance a bit more.


I think Twucket is a different take on Twitter clients. It doesn’t seem to have a lot of options, just the basics.  Not having used it, I don’t know a lot about it.


Bonus Round! Twitter apps that are coming soon.

This one is not out yet, but I signed up for the beta and hope to try it out soon.


Again, not out yet but eagerly anticipating.  Adium rocks at IM, can it do the same for Twitter?


Those are the 14 Mac Twitter applications that I’ve looked into.  There are probably more out there as I discover new ones all the time.

There are also additional Adobe Air based Twitter apps, Firefox extensions and Dashboard widgets that work on the Mac too.

Which one is your favorite?  What did I miss?