Gruml is a desktop feed reader application that is completely integrated with Google Reader. Unlike some other programs that claim to do the same, Gruml does more than just show you your feeds.

Gruml Screen Shot

Gruml includes:

  • Share this article.
  • Star this article.
  • Like this article.
  • Mark as Unread, which also marks the item un-read in Google Reader.
  • Tweet this article.
  • Send this article to Digg, Delicious, Instazaper, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, Posterous, MySpace and more.
  • Write a note to go along with an article.
  • Mange labels and organize your labels.
  • Keeps the Google Reader keyboard shortcuts.
  • Shows you articles from people you follow in Google Reader.

Basically, if it’s possible in Google Reader, it’s possible in Gruml.

I’ve been very happy with Gruml and it’s nice to see a desktop application that actually integrates into Google Reader and all its features.

If you’re on a Mac, and use Google Reader, it’d suggest checking Gruml out.