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Subscribe to Blog On A Stick on Twitter

Have you heard? RSS is dead. Well, honestly, I don’t think that will happen anytime soon. Either way, I decided that I might as well create a Twitter account for my blog for those who use Twitter for just about everything. If you’d like to, you can follow Blog On A Stick on Twitter and […]

Gruml – Google Reader Desktop Application for Mac

Gruml is a desktop feed reader application that is completely integrated with Google Reader. Unlike some other programs that claim to do the same, Gruml does more than just show you your feeds. Gruml includes: Share this article. Star this article. Like this article. Mark as Unread, which also marks the item un-read in Google […]

Chicklet Creator Plugin 0.5 Released!

— discontinued — The Chicklet Creator WordPress plugin just got better and much easier to use. Version 0.5 Includes: A configuration pane in Worpress’ admin area. New Feed Buttons. Lots of new code. All local images for fast load times. More like a real WordPress plugin. Check out the Chicklet Creator WordPress Plugin v0.5 and […]

Google Reader Advances

I can’t say I was ever a big fan of Google Reader, it was just a little to weird for me. However, the new Google Reader seems to be more advanced and much nicer. I’m actually quite digging the simple interface, nice layout and the stared or shared items.The only thing missing is browser integration. […]

Are there any OPML syncing services?

As I bounce back and fourth between Firefox and Flock, I realize that I really need some sort of OPML syncing service. A quick Google and Yahoo search came up with nothing. Is there really no service to sync OPML files between browsers? I have Sage in Firefox and Flock has a nice built in […]

What is a Feed? RSS? Subscribe?

What is a feed? A feed is a web document that usually ends in .xml or .rss and it is a slimed down version of a website that is created to be easily syndicated. It may be represented by an orange icon.  What does it cost? $0 – It’s free. What is a feed reader? […]

Technorati and Portal Chicklets

I’ve updated the Chicklet Creator with new buttons today. Now included are Technorati (add to favorites), Protopage, Pageflakes and Netvibes. I may have another new button in the works, but feel free to share any services that I’m missing. I’ve also updated the Yahoo, Rojo, Newsgator and Pluck images to come directly from those services, […]

WordPress Feed Stats

There is an amazing feature available for hosted blogs called Feed Stats. It tells you how many people have viewed your feed and what feed readers were used. The bad part? It’s only for blogs. See a great review of Feed Stats. I’m hoping that the feed stats feature makes it into all […]

Added Fuctionality to the Chicklet Creator

I just update the Chicklet Creator to add the ability to define what code appears before all buttons, before each button, after each and after all. This will help format the code to fit your needs right way and you don’t have to worry about it later. You can easily create your feed buttons in […]

Chicklet Creator WordPress Plugin

Now available for download is the Chicklet Creator WordPress plugin. It’s very similar to the social bookmark links plugin I released a few days ago. Included in the plugin are the button images and the plugin file. Install & Configure Instructions [new location] 1) Download the plugin. Version 0.12) Open chicklet-creator.php and configure it. Turn […]