Now available for download is the Chicklet Creator WordPress plugin. It’s very similar to the social bookmark links plugin I released a few days ago.

Included in the plugin are the button images and the plugin file.

Install & Configure Instructions [new location]
1) Download the plugin. Version 0.1
2) Open chicklet-creator.php and configure it. Turn on the buttons you want and set up a few optional features.
3) Upload the entire Chicklet-Creator folder into your WordPress plugins directory.
4) Activate it via the Plugins area in the admin.
5) Put this code where you want the social bookmark links to show up: < ? chicklet_creator() ? > (remove the space before the first ? and after the last ?)
– This code should work anywhere in your blog template.
– If you de-active the plugin, you have to remove this code or you’ll throw errors!

I have built in the option to change the feed URL. For those of you who use Feedburner, you’ll want to make sure to configure that in the plugin file.

As I learn more about WordPress plugins I’ll make this easier to use. But for now, it works.

Feedback is much appreciated. Even if it’s just to say ‘It Worked!’. Suggestions are welcome too. 🙂