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Made on a Mac WordPress Plugin

This is quite possibly the greatest plugin ever!* You can now get the Made on a Mac WordPress plugin that will automatically insert a button to your blog that states your blog was made on a Mac. How cool is that?! The initial release is extremely basic. Just install it and enable it. That’s all. […]


Did you see my FeedBurner StandardStats plugin?

A week or so ago I released a FeedBurner StandardStats plugin for WordPress over at my blog. It’s purpose was to make it easy to add FeedBurners new (and free) stats program into a WordPress blog. An interesting side effect was that it also inserts FeedFlare into your posts as well. This makes it […]


Beautiful WordPress Admin

When WordPress 2.0 launched, I thought the admin area looked quite nice. However, the Tiger Administration plugin takes WordPress’ admin look and feel to a whole new level. See for yourself: // Image lost. Sorry. Zooomr ate it. Comment if you want me to dig them back up. // This makeover is curtsy of the […]


Social Bookmark Creator WordPress Plugin 0.5

— discontinued — The Social Bookmark Creator plugin got a major update, much like the Chicklet Creator did a few weeks ago. The WordPress plugin now includes an admin page for managing your social bookmark options and database integration to remember your choices. Social Bookmark Creator plugin works with almost 50 different social bookmarking services […]


Chicklet Creator WordPress Plugin

Now available for download is the Chicklet Creator WordPress plugin. It’s very similar to the social bookmark links plugin I released a few days ago. Included in the plugin are the button images and the plugin file. Install & Configure Instructions [new location] 1) Download the plugin. Version 0.1 2) Open chicklet-creator.php and configure it. […]


Email Comment Notifications

I’ve just installed a new plugin to allow you to follow post comments via email. After commenting on some posts, then never hearing back from the people again, I wonder if the even remember they asked me a question. So I got the Subscribe to Comments plugin. Now, just enter in your email address, click […]