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Are There Any Great Weather Apps For The Mac?

I’m a big fan of the weather, but I lack a great desktop weather app for my Mac.

I have WeatherDock which is decent. However, it  basically just shows the temp and forecast. No radar, and nothing special. It is however the one I use most.



Meteorologist was cool back in the day but I haven’t checked it out lately. Seems like it’s back to life so that’s on my list of possibilities. It seems to have a good mix of the basics, some details and a radar.



I also have Wx which shows quite a bit of detail. It’s probably the best weather app I’ve come across, but it’s not really visually appealing. I want it to be more polished and integrated into my Mac, but it’s not there yet.



I’ve seen Home Weather Center too, but that’s way to much data, not enough visuals.

Home Weather Center

Home Weather Center

Then there are the weather widgets. Yes, some of them are nice, but I want a full-fledged weather app.

What I’d like a developer to create is a beautiful, integrated weather application for the Mac. Something that shows the temp in the menu bar along with the forecast, alerts me where there is severe weather, shows the radar and has the ability to get more details though the app.

There are dozens of weather apps for the iPhone, and I probably downloaded most, but weather apps seem to be lacking the Mac. The ones that are out there are to simple, or to complex.

What’s a Mac weather fan to do?

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  1. Sleepydude says:

    I’ve been wanting the same thing. I’ve been using Weather Dock also but it does lack a bit.

  2. vance says:

    I use this one:
    I has current weather, forecast plus maps and it is only 1MB in size

  3. WeathrClip says:

    Don’t forget about WeathrClip, a nice little weather app that resides in the menu bar to provide current conditions, forecast, and animated radar

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