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Glee vs LOST. What The Hell FOX?

Ok, so I understand that TV is a business just like everything else, but FOX is doing whatever it can to derail the final season of LOST. Jerks.

American Idol & Glee vs LOST

First I had to choose between American Idol and LOST. It didn’t take much thought to know I should be watching LOST.

Now, FOX has put Glee up against LOST. It’s a hard decision, but years of addiction to LOST is going to make it the winner once again.

I just don’t understand why TV networks need to act like high school kids and get so jealous that another station has a popular show. Why not put your killer show up against their not so great shows and make the people happy. Plus you’ll kill those not so great shows much faster.

Make the people happy, now there’s a thought.

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  1. Steven Ambrose Moncivais says:

    I’m afraid you can only wish for that happy scenario.
    Yeah, television is a business.
    And the networks make money whenever you watch one of their shows.
    Nowadays, though, a number of people have DVR machines, like TiVO, so they don’t have to chose between two great shows.
    As for me, well, I don’t have satellite or cable, so I can’t get ABC on my box.
    So I’m stuck with Glee for the night.
    Not that I’m complaining.
    I love Glee, and I hated it when NBC had Heroes and then Trauma lined up against back-to-back Glee.
    Now I can see Glee without impunity!
    Glee, FTW!

  2. Dana says:

    It’s exactly the same thing that FOX did with Fringe. It moved it from a night on which it was doing well, Mondays, to Thursdays. In the exact same timeslot as The Office on NBC and Grey’s Anatomy on ABC – two of the most popular shows on today. I hate when these stations do this stuff just to try to steal ratings away from others. Because i have not watched Fringe all season, so way to lose that one FOX.

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