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Valleyfair’s Wild Thing Rollercoaster Jumps the Tracks

It’s not yet determined why, but Valleyfair’s famous rollercoaster, Wild Thing, jumped it’s tracks over the weekend. It happened at the end of the ride and 18 people were said to be taken to the hospital. None had much more than bumps and scratches. There were no major injuries. It’s still up in the air on why it happened and Valleyfair will make sure to fully investigate it.

Wild Thing is Minnesota’s biggest and fastest amusement park ride and one of Valleyfair’s main attractions. Until recently, there had never been an accident with injuries in the rollercoaster’s 10 year history.

Wild Thing will be closed until further notice.

[Update] Wild this has reopened!

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  1. melissa says:

    Who cares if it broke down!!
    I was tellin my friends that if i was
    on the wild thing when it went off
    the tracks, that right when i got
    out of the hospital, i would go up
    to all of my friends and be like,
    “OMG! lets go to valley fair and
    ride the wild thing.”
    I love it!!!


  2. stephy says:

    the wild thing is cool it doesnt matter if it broke down it still is an awsme ride ill still go on!

  3. Meg says:

    This ride is defiantly of my favorites!!It sucks that some people were sent to the hospital,butit sure won’t stop me from riding it however I don’t quite get how a rollercoaster just goes off the tracks!!

  4. laken says:

    awsome ride!!!

  5. jake says:

    yeah wild thing PWNS

  6. mIsSa says:

    OMG i love the wild thig its my favorite ride!!

    [[i will admit when i first went on it i got freaked out but when it was over i wanted to go on again and again it is SOOOOOOO fun]]

  7. VF Ride Fan says:

    Just a few more days and we can all go out and enjoy Wild Thing and the new Renegade!

  8. brandon says:

    Wild thing was the first coaster i ever rode. I used to be scared of heights but after i got on wild thing i love coasters now. Thanks wild thing for breaking my fear of heights.

  9. rebecca says:

    i have never been on wild thing yet. but i will at the end of the school year. it will be sooooo great!!! i cant wait!

  10. pamela says:

    I was on the wild thing when it broke down in june of 1996. They said it was a computer problem but it was because the change broke. They just covered their ass. Myself and 30 others were stuck on the top hill for over 45 minutes. I have been on the wild thing since.

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