iPhoneThere are tons of things that parents buy before having a baby. However, an iPhone may be the most fun & important. Why? Because of these features:

  • The Digital Camera – You’re going to be taking an insane amount of pictures, especially if it’s your first baby, so having a camera handy is a necessity.
  • The Photo App – You’ll need to show off all those pictures right? Well the iPhone can showcase thousands of photos for showing grandparents and friends.
  • The Internet – Going to the store isn’t always quick and simple with a baby, but hopping online and ordering anything at anytime is.
  • The Video Camera – If pictures are worth a thousand words, how much is video worth? Point, click, record!
  • Email – Send an email to mom, forward a picture to an aunt, or just keep in touch.
  • Twitter & Facebook – Handy for keeping up with your friends & family and for getting advice.
  • The Map App – Now that you have a kid, you may just find your self going to places you’ve never been. Like the children’s museum.
  • The Music – Whether it’s for mom, dad or the baby, the iPod can put babies to sleep or keep the parents energized.
  • The Games – Because you’ll be visiting the doctors office more & more and you’ll need to kill some time.
  • The Apps – Chances are, out of ┬áthousands iPhone apps, there will be more than a few to help simplify your life. You can even get apps to create white noise, track diaper usage, and even turn your iPhone into a baby monitor!
  • The Flashlight – Sure it may seem like a stupid app now, but when its dark and you wish you had a flashlight handy, it’ll seem really cool then.
  • The Phone – Of course the phone will be uber handy when calling the grandparents and, well, everyone!

Now I know not everyone can afford iPhone, or likes AT&T, so there are other phones out there that can probably do most of the things noted above.

Myself, I have an iPod Touch. It can’t quite do all 12 items, but it can do enough to get me by.

If you’re going to be a new parent, it may be a good idea to invest in an iPhone. You’ll be glad you did!