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12 reasons why every parent needs an iPhone.

iPhoneThere are tons of things that parents buy before having a baby. However, an iPhone may be the most fun & important. Why? Because of these features:

  • The Digital Camera – You’re going to be taking an insane amount of pictures, especially if it’s your first baby, so having a camera handy is a necessity.
  • The Photo App – You’ll need to show off all those pictures right? Well the iPhone can showcase thousands of photos for showing grandparents and friends.
  • The Internet – Going to the store isn’t always quick and simple with a baby, but hopping online and ordering anything at anytime is.
  • The Video Camera – If pictures are worth a thousand words, how much is video worth? Point, click, record!
  • Email – Send an email to mom, forward a picture to an aunt, or just keep in touch.
  • Twitter & Facebook – Handy for keeping up with your friends & family and for getting advice.
  • The Map App – Now that you have a kid, you may just find your self going to places you’ve never been. Like the children’s museum.
  • The Music – Whether it’s for mom, dad or the baby, the iPod can put babies to sleep or keep the parents energized.
  • The Games – Because you’ll be visiting the doctors office more & more and you’ll need to kill some time.
  • The Apps – Chances are, out of ┬áthousands iPhone apps, there will be more than a few to help simplify your life. You can even get apps to create white noise, track diaper usage, and even turn your iPhone into a baby monitor!
  • The Flashlight – Sure it may seem like a stupid app now, but when its dark and you wish you had a flashlight handy, it’ll seem really cool then.
  • The Phone – Of course the phone will be uber handy when calling the grandparents and, well, everyone!

Now I know not everyone can afford iPhone, or likes AT&T, so there are other phones out there that can probably do most of the things noted above.

Myself, I have an iPod Touch. It can’t quite do all 12 items, but it can do enough to get me by.

If you’re going to be a new parent, it may be a good idea to invest in an iPhone. You’ll be glad you did!

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  1. SPOC says:

    I have blackberry. Does the iPhone have the Baby GO app? If so, check it out for free! It’s an app that puts your phone into a “play” mode so your child doesn’t make or accept calls. If they push buttons (which i guess wouldn’t work well with a touch screen) it will say and show the letter or number they pushed. It’s great and works well when my son feels the need to play with my phone.

  2. Jason Houck says:

    I just got my iPhone a couple days ago and love it and I didnt realize how handy it is. So, I have to agree with you on all the things you have listed above. Great post!

  3. SPOC says:

    Yeah, most phones these days have the locking feature. BabyGO serves as a learning tool as well.

  4. Geoff says:

    All valid points, but from my wife and I’s experience, you left off:

    Kids Paint (baby tactile colorful finger painting awesomeness)

    Star Wars Light Saber (wait til they discover they can shake it shake it shake it)

    Artisan and Spawn (for tactile “whoaaaa cool” baby effect

    IToddler Tamer and Voice Cards (probably the reason our one and a half year old knows her ABCs, can count to 10, and has twice the vocab for her age)

    Fluid (for peace and sleepy times).

    Baby Apps will, in time, change our species. The level of interaction we saw in just these initial apps is astounding. I hope it’s for the best, and doesn’t lead to some dis associative uber-computing baby race.


  5. Geoff says:

    Oh, and the Starbucks app. I mean, seriously, you don’t sleep, might as well know where the coffee is.

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