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Daddy Bloggers vs Mommy Bloggers

Lily & Dad

Lily & Dad

I was originally going to title this post ‘Do you think that a daddy blogger could survive amongst all the mommy bloggers’ until I did a little Googling and it seems that there are more results for ‘daddy blogger’ than ‘mommy blogger.’

Can that be right? Are there more daddy bloggers than mommy bloggers?

All I ever hear about are mommy bloggers and how they are taking over the blogosphere and causing issues. (I think some of the moms just need to chill a little.)

But what about all these daddy bloggers? How come I never hear of them? I thought I was going to be relatively alone when creating a daddy blog but maybe not.

That’s right, I started a daddy blog.

My daddy blog is a journal of what’s happening in my baby girls life. It’s all from dads perspective (obviously) and hopefully it’s not all the same things that everyone already knows. I hope it to be slightly entertaining too.

So why didn’t I just post all my daddy posts here? Well, I thought of that, but felt that the current audience didn’t want to be flooded with posts on baby clothes sizes, dirty diapers, and things like that. Instead I decided to start up a new site.

Now I don’t think I’ll ever become one of those crazy parenting blogger types, but it will be great to look back after a year or two and read what was going on see how our baby girl Lily has grown.

If you want to keep up, share your advice, or just check it out, feel free. It’s online at

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