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Merge two WordPress blogs into one in three simple steps.

WordPress SparklesHave you ever wanted to combine two, or more, WordPress blogs into one? Well it’s actually quite simple.

Before you start, make sure that WordPress is updated on both blogs. It’s just easiest that way. I’m not sure it makes a¬†difference, but do it anyway.

First: Go to the blog you want to move, log into the admin, and go to Tools -> Export -> Download all Content. This will grab all your posts, comments, tags, menus and custom fields.

Second: Go to the blog you are merging the old one into and login to the admin. Go to Tools -> Import -> WordPress. You may be prompted to install a plugin so go ahead and do so. Once the plugin is installed to back to Tools -> Import -> WordPress and it’ll ask you to select the file you downloaded in the first step.

When importing, it should also ask you if you want to import any attachments. If you say yes, WordPress will go out to the blog you are moving and grab any images. Hint: You want to do this.

Third: Check out your blog, make sure things look good, and enjoy.

That’s it. You’ve just merged two WordPress blogs in three simple steps.


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  1. gadfly1974 says:

    Thank you! This was very clear and helpful. I just combined two of my wife’s blogs into one in under five minutes because your directions were so concise.

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