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First day of swim lessons.

Yesterday was Lily’s first day of swim lessons and she had quite a bit of fun.

Safari Island - Waconia

Safari Island

These parent & toddler swim lessons are to get the little ones use to the water.

We got there a little early and Lily headed right into the water to play. She has no issues with the water, but she does try to go and do just as she does out of the water not realizing that it’s different.

During our swim class she had fun, but Lily isn’t the kind of girl to sit still long. She wants to be active and moving and so listening to the teacher and doing what we were told was hard at times.

Overall she did great. She took a few accidental face dives into the water, but she just shook them off.

We go back again every Monday and Wednesday for a month and I think she’s going to have a great time.

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  1. Amie K says:

    Where do you take Lily?

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