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Lily has completed her first swim lessons.

Today was Lily’s last day of swim lessons. The 1 month program was just to get her comfortable with the water. She learned some things and got exposed to quite a bit. She even got dunked under the water a few times. One of these days she’ll learn to close her eyes and mouth first, but […]

First day of swim lessons.

Yesterday was Lily’s first day of swim lessons and she had quite a bit of fun. These parent & toddler swim lessons are to get the little ones use to the water. We got there a little early and Lily headed right into the water to play. She has no issues with the water, but […]

First time in a hotel and in a swimming pool.

Over the weekend our baby girl Lily got to experience her first time in a hotel and the first time swimming! We were worried about swimming due to the chlorine in the pool and her only being 6 months old, but our doctor said it was OK so into the pool we went. Lily didn’t […]

Can a baby go swimming in the pool?

We are headed to a hotel in the upcoming weeks and everyone wants to take the baby swimming, but is that ok? How old do they have to be before they can hop into the pool? Obviously they can’t go underwater or be unsupervised, but can they just sit in dads arms and kick the […]