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How to disable Firefox beta update notices.

With Firefox’s new release schedule, you may be seeing update messages every few weeks about a new beta version.

Firefox 6 Beta Update

Firefox 6 Beta Update

If you’re tired of seeing these, you can easily disable them.

First, in Firefox’s URL bar type about:config. If you get a safety warning, hit I’ll be Careful.

Next, in the filter bar type

In the value column, change beta to release.

Now you’ll only be notified when there is a stable release of Firefox available.

If you want betas, and don’t currently get them, then change release to beta. Or you can change it to nightly for every minor update that Firefox makes. I’d consider these alpha builds.

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  1. asdf says:

    I tried this exact method several days ago. It doesn’t work, and I am still bombarded with “Firefox 6.0” update notifications.

  2. Sean says:

    Ugh, this is so annoying. In FF4, there used to be an option right in the “about” window to choose which channel you wanted. I decided to go beta because after checking my extensions they were all compatible at the time. But now with 6 a few of my most important ones are not “technically” compatible, so I don’t want it. But they removed this channel selection from FF5… WTF mozilla? Now we have to hack about:config to change channels? Horrible design.

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