Google MusicI’ve been using Google Music for a while now, but my biggies issues is that the app uploads everything in iTunes. This means that it uploaded Christmas & children’s music whether I wanted it or not. Plus there is no way to create smart playlists so I could listen to everything but those genres.

Turns out that when I opened Google Music’s uploader system preference the other day it now appears that it supports playlists; regular not smart playlists. This should make it easier to upload only the music I want and exclude the rest.

Google Music Uploader Mac

The downside here is that I now have to find a way to clean up Google Music. I’m pretty sure the upload app won’t just remove what I don’t have selected. But that shouldn’t be too hard.

At least it’s a step in the right direction. Google Music is pretty darn cool and being able to upload some, but not all, music is a big step in the right direction. It’ll be even better once they can get some sort of smart playlists added in too.