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Creation of MacThemes includes Me

As I was checking out the sites (via RSS) that I do on a daily basis I came across the history of I skimmed though the article on how the basis for the site was thought up and created and what did I see? Me! 😀 They were nice enough to mention my brief work on the site as the Flash artist. I’m so excited. To see my sentence or two just check out page 3, a little ways down by the picture of the present.

MacThemes is a great site that has a lot of brilliant people working on a bringing themes to the Mac platform. Not only that, but they also talk about icon creation and desktops too. Recently they even opened up a forum to help mix the newbies and the experienced artists. One sad note about this site however, is that it has coding issues with FireFox. So, if you go to check out the site try to avoid using FireFox. If you know why that issue is, I’m sure they’d be happy to find the fix. 😉

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