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Safari Firefox Theme

I’ve been looking all over for a good Safari theme for Firefox and finally ran across one that has potential. Ran Aroussi has created a great Safari FireFox theme that has a lot going for it. Not only does it use the Safari buttons, it also adds in brushed metal. Granted it’s still under construction and there are a few issues, it looks really good. I’d use it more often if he could just the the find bug fixed. It seems when I hit apple+f the find bar pops up HUGE. Minor details though. 😉 Oh and it’s also good to note that this theme is Mac only. Sorry PC folks.

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  1. Refrozen says:

    That is quite interesting. Thanks!

  1. 3/25/2005

    New Safari Firefox Theme

    A new Safari like Firefox theme as surfaced and it’s absolutely beautiful. Check out Aronnax’s Firefox themes and you’ll find GrApple (Brushed). Currently it’s only version 0.5 but it’s better than any other Safari type Firefox theme I’ve seen….

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