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Lily’s now a soccer player and has spend some time without parents or family.

Today was a big day for Lily. This morning she got to go to her first soccer practice.

Lily - Soccer

Granted, they just run around and kick the ball, but it’s still fun to see her out there learning.

She did a great job and has no issues running and kicking the ball. There are only a few coaches and a lot of kids so she’s also learning about sharing and listening to others.

Then this evening she went to vacation bible school for the first time too. The big deal with this was that it was the first time she had no parents, no grandparents, no family with her; and she did amazing.

She did have a few friends with her which helped a lot and she had a blast. She didn’t have any issues with all the other kids or adults. She just jumped right in and had fun.

Our little girl continues to have new adventures and she does amazing at them. She’s growing up to fast, but it’s fun to watch!

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