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Camping on the Farm

Fun on the Farm

Friday night we went down to my parents farm, camped out, and spent Saturday enjoying the farm. From roasting marshmallows to riding the four wheeler, and bailing cornstalk bails, there’s always something fun to do on the farm.

It all started with a camp fire. My brother and dad build us a nice fire so we could roast hot dogs and marshmallows. We also had glow sticks and a light up ball that work extremely well on the farm as there are no city lights. Lily got to stay up late and just play. Then it was off to bed in a tent.

Lily has been wanting to camp out for a while now and so we decided that we could combine that with visiting the farm. This is a good ideas as we camped near the house, but yet we had all the nature sounds. Unfortunately we didn’t plan too well as we needed an air mattress or something under us. The ground is hard! I don’t remember it being that hard when we went camping as a kid. Either way, we survived and it was pretty fun.

Saturday we did a lot of farm activities. Lily enjoyed playing in the dirt and building forts in the trees. Gramps took us out in the tractor to bail some cornstalk bails and Lily always loves helping him out and riding in the tractor. She said she may be a farm girl someday. We also went for a walk in the woods with Nana, swung on the tire swing, fed the cows, played with the kitties, and just ran around.

By far, Lily had the most fun on a four wheeler ride. Lily and I were on one four wheeler and uncle Tim was on the other. Uncle Tim then lead us out into the fields and into the woods. As soon as we started to move, Lily was super excited. Then we went faster and she just got more and more excited. She loved the wind in her hair! From every bump we hit, to every weed (or tree) we ran over, she was ecstatic. I even let her drive and she just pressed the throttle all the way in and giggled. I think we have a speed demon on our hands!

Besides the hard ground and chilly night, camping on the farm was a ton of fun. Even though it went by pretty fast, we all enjoyed it quite a bit and came home exhausted. We’ll have to plan to do it again next year when it’s a bit warmer, and when we find something softer to sleep on.

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