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A few tips on getting your enhanced MN drivers license.

enhanced MN drivers licenseIf you’re looking at getting an enhanced drivers license there’s a few things you should know. It turns out that the state is pretty picky.

First, not every license center does enhanced drivers licenses. Only a few do and you have to make sure you pick the right one.

Here’s a list of DMVs in Minnesota where you can get enhanced drivers licenses.

  • Anoka – 530 W Main St.
  • Arden Hills (North Metro) – Cty Rd. I & 35W Austin – 430 10th St. NE
  • Bemidji – 111 2nd St., Union Square
  • Detroit Lakes – 1000 Hwy 10 W
  • Duluth – 4602 Grand Ave.
  • Eagan (South Metro) – 2070 Cliff Rd.
  • Hastings – 1355 S Frontage Rd., Ste. 150
  • Mankato – 2161 Bassett Dr.
  • Plymouth (West Metro) – 2455 Fernbrook Ln Rochester – 1633 N Broadway
  • St. Paul – 445 Minnesota St.
  • St. Cloud – 3333 W Division St., Midtown Sq. Virginia – 101 Hoover Rd.

I went to the Plymouth DMV, which is a drivers testing station too. If you go here, it’s a bit weird and you feel like you’re in the wrong spot, but you’re not. They also don’t process enhanced drivers licenses after 3:45pm even though they’re open until 4:15. Call before you go if you think you’ll be closer to closing time.

Second, there is a list of things (pdf) that you must take with you. Again, they’re very picky so make sure to pay very close attention to what you need.

You should also take more proof that you’re you than you need. It turns out my Xcel Energy bill didn’t count as the service address didn’t have my name on it, only my wife. The bill however was addressed to us both. Picky.

Third, there are secret questions, the ones they don’t tell you about online. You need to know the city, county, and state of where both of your parents were born. Lucky for me, my wife tipped me off.

If you have all the necessary paperwork, then it’s pretty straight forward. But if you don’t have everything you need, you’ll find yourself going home unhappy and having to return again another day.

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