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The FitBit shows me how lazy work makes me.

fitbit statsI got my wife a new FitBit for Christmas so I got her old one. I was pretty sure that I walked a lot at work, but it turns out, I don’t. Work makes me very lazy.

After wearing it a few months, I notice that I make very few steps on work days. My goal is 2,500 steps on workdays, and I’m amazed at how most days I barely get to 1000 before I get home from work. Granted, some days are better than others, but getting 2,000 hardly ever happens. I even have a standing desk; that I sit at most of the time.

Once I get home, the steps go up pretty fast. If it’s a nice day, going outside and playing with my daughter makes them skyrocket!

Comparing a work day to the weekend (or a day off) I’m able to get 2,500 easily. Even 6,000 is pretty easy. However, 10,000 is still quite a bit of work.

So far, hitting 10,000 usually happens when it’s nice out and we just run around the yard all day or go on nature walks. As summer approaches, I assume my steps will go up up up. But then again, I assumed that I’d have a heck of a lot more on any given work day and that wasn’t true.

My FitBit does make me more active as I pay more attention to how many steps I’m getting in. If I’m close to 10,000, I try really hard to get there. If I’m below 2,500, then I make sure I get more steps on.

Overall I like my FitBit but it makes me feel lazy.

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