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Beaver Builder releases Beaver Themer and allows you to customize WordPress even more.

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Beaver Builder is a great drag and drop page building solution for WordPress, but it lacked some key areas in WordPress. That’s where Beaver Themer comes in. You can now theme from the header to the footer and everything in between.

Beaver Themer lets you create layouts for tag, category & archive pages, custom post types, 404 error page, and search pages. You can even get specific and style category A’s archive differently than category B’s archive. You are in complete control of everything.

Beaver Themer also includes field connections which allow you to insert the post title, featured image, or other dynamic content wherever you want. They make it so simple and so flexible to create your vision.

Beaver Themer also integrates with Advanced Custom Fields! That right there is a huge win.

And, of course, Beaver Themer has included developer-friendly APIs so you can go above and beyond if you want to do even more.

Beaver Builder & Beaver Themer make a great platform for quickly creating custom WordPress sites or wireframing your ideas. It’s easy enough for beginners and flexible enough experienced developers. It just works, and it’s all built on top of WordPress standards without a mess of shortcodes.

It’s a WordPress builder done right.

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