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Caramel M&Ms are delicious!

I’m a big fan of M&Ms but they do come up with some weird flavors. Their newest edition, however, is Caramel M&Ms and they do not disappoint.

At first, I thought they were a little weird. M&Ms aren’t supposed to be soft on the inside. That is unless they’re melted, but that’s a different kind of soft.  Carmel M&Ms have soft caramel on the inside of your standard chocolate & hard candy shell and it’s a perfect match.

Caramel M&Ms are the perfect balance of M&M and caramel. I highly recommend trying them out for yourself. You’ll quickly see how great these new M&Ms really are.

We picked ours up at Target but they’re also on Amazon if you want to buy in bulk. I’m sure most stores should have them soon if not now.

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