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Welcome Zero

A week ago we adopted a dog. His name is Zero and he’s a lot of fun.

Zero is a tiny little thing at only 10 pounds. He actually makes our cat look big. He’ll get a little bit bigger, but not too big.

He’s also kinda of lazy too. I don’t think he’s your typical puppy. He’s easily moldable, is always up for naps, and he has a tendency to do the army crawl when playing. Its like he wants to play, but doesn’t want to move too much.

Granted, he does have his typical puppy moments when he gets super energized and runs around like a mad man. However, you have to encourage him to do that, otherwise he’ll just curl up on your lap and sleep.

Zero is mainly Lily’s dog. Someone for her to play with and sleep with at night; well once he’s fully trained.

Sleeping with Lily

Sleeping with Lily

We did have a two dogs temporarily last year, but they didn’t work out. Archie caused some strange allergy reactions so we had to give him back and Marshmallow had heartworm so we gave him to a shelter that would give him the treatments to save his life.

Zero’s background and health is much more known and we’re happy to give him a good home.

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