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Minnesota Revenue Recapture Fee

Have you ever heard of a revenue recapture fee? Well it’s a fee that the state can take out of you state tax refund for outstanding bills. It’s a good idea as the state is entitled to their money, however the system is screwed up.

This year they took out $50 + $15 service fee for an unpaid bill at a local hospital. And unpaid bill from 1999! I find it very hard to believe that in six years the state of Minnesota couldn’t find me. I had no knowledge of this bill either. For six to eight months after the bill date I lived in the same spot, but they couldn’t find me. Over the years I’ve always kept my address correct at the post office, done my taxes, served jury duty, updated my license and got married. However, the state still couldn’t find me. That boggles my mind. They only way they couldn’t find me were if they weren’t looking.

Now I’m not complaining about the bill as I believe it to be legit, however their sheer lack of trying to find me is unacceptable. There are way to many resources out there that it shouldn’t take six years. Ask the post office, ask the DMV, ask the voter registration department or even ask my medical insurance company. It might be a few step process but you can do it.

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