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We installed a cat door.

Cat in Cat Door

Over the weekend we installed a Purrfect Portal cat door. It was pretty easy to do and looks amazing.

We installed it in the room we keep the cat litter boxes in. It’s supposed to be under the stairs storage but works well for litter boxes. The cat door should slow the cats down so they don’t track out as much litter, keep the smell down when they poop, and it hides the sight of the littler boxes.

Our main concern was that it’d be too small for our bigger cat, but he fits just fine. He has to squat down quite a bit but doesn’t mind doing it. Our kitten has no problems however still goes fast in and out of the room.

Since it worked out so well, we might get a second one for my daughter’s room so she can have her door closed at night.

I highly recommend the Purrfect Portal cat door. Easy to install, works great, and looks amazing!

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