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I traded in a morning commute for a morning walk.

Morning Walk Nature View

When the pandemic started, I was excited to be working from home. One thing I soon realized however is that I didn’t move very much. Walking from the parking lot to the office, and then around the office at work, added up. Not a lot of steps, but way more than I was getting when working from home. So I started morning walks.

Each day I start the day with a walk. I go for a 30-60 minute walk each morning. It helps me clear my head, gets me some exercise, and is a great way to start the day.

Some days, when the weather is nice, I walk farther. Either way, I’m moving and that’s the point. Only a few times have I had to re-think my walk. Brutally cold mornings (negative double digits) have had me walking inside my house, which isn’t as nice, but typically in the winter I just bundle and make it work. Brutally hot days however aren’t really a concern as I’m walking before the heat of the day.

Another benefit of walking is that I’ve been able to listen to my podcasts. I typically only listen to podcasts on my commute, so without a commute, I wasn’t listening to podcasts. The walk helped me catch up and keep up with most of them.

I’ve been walking daily for over a year now. I enjoy it so much that I even do it on the weekends. I’ve always liked walking and having the ability to do it each morning is really nice.

I’m not sure what I’ll do when I end up going back into the office, but hopefully, we still have a treadmill desk to help me keep up my steps. It’s not about the steps though, but about keeping moving and being active.

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