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Say hello to Monster, Oscar, Imposter, and Carl

Pumpkin Boxes

This year, I’m determined to get a good crop of pumpkins. Meet Monster, Oscar, Imposter, and Carl my pumpkin boxes protecting the seedlings from rabbits and other critters.

I haven’t had great luck growing pumpkins in my yard due to all the great trees, so this year I asked my neighbor if I could utilize some unused portion of their backyard. It’s an open, sunny location, that should be perfect as long as the animals don’t eat the pumpkin plants.

The only downside to this area was that the ground was rock hard due to the lack of rain and it took quite a bit of work getting it ready for planting, but it’ll be worth it to get some pumpkins.

Now comes the hard part, waiting. They’re off to a great start, so we’ll just have to wait and see how this year plays out.

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