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Favelet Suite – The Power of Bookmarkletts

If you don’t know what a bookmarklette is, it’s a piece of javascript that you bookmark and invoke on a page. They can do things like highlight text, show nofollow links, create Technorati tags, count words and more. Well I just found the coolest one yet! It’s called Favelete Suite. Once you invoke it, it brings up a box on the screen and lets you do things to the page. The most handy feature is the ruler. It allows you to draw on the website and figure out how tall or wide an area is.

Other features include:

  • Color List
  • Document Tree Chart*
  • HTML Attribute Viewer
  • HTTP Header Viewer
  • Hidden Field Modifier
  • Javascript Object Tree*
  • Mouseover DOM Inspector
  • Object Dimensions
  • Page Info
  • Remove Children
  • Resize Fonts
  • Ruler**
  • Show Source
  • Style Sheet Tweak*
  • Style Sheet Viewer*

Check out Favelete Suite for yourself.

* Go to the Favelete Suite site to find out what the * means.

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