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Tiger Day! Yea!

Well today is the day! Mac OSX 10.4 comes out today!! I’ll be off to Southdale or the Mall of America tonight to get my own copy. Plus I hear rumors of t-shirts!!

To get ready for Tiger I decided to backup and clean up my Powerbook last night. I used iBackup and only backed up files on my main partition that I felt were needed. Since most of my important files are on other partitions I didn’t have much to backup. Then I decided to clean stuff out. I found out Thunderbird had some files that were taking up a large amount of room. Since I couldn’t get the application to get rid of them (they were connected to an account), I just trashed he account and files that went with it. I also decided I didn’t need half the files in the Library/Receipts folder so I trashed most of them. Later found out that you can’t repair disk permissions without some of those files. OOPS! Luckily, others had done it before me, so I found a zip file on the net with the files I needed. No real harm done.

I also got a Tiger teaser today. Quicktime 7 came out for 10.3 and the menus have a cool PRO icon in them. Made me feel special as it was a new, never before done feature. I also got to play with the ‘live resize’ feature. Not impressed under 10.3. My iMac G5 didn’t do that good of job and it has a gig of memory! Maybe it’ll be better in 10.4.

Now my Powerbook is all ready for Tiger and I’m ready to go to the Apple store. Just need to get though work first.

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  1. gary says:

    where did you find these files that you deleted in the Library/Receipts folder??? .. i did the same thing..


  2. Thomas says:

    Sorry Gary, I wish I knew. Check out or search Google in hopes of finding them.

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