I don’t know if I got a bad disk or what, but my Tiger install did not go well. First off the disk wouldn’t verify. I called the Apple store and they said to just skip verification. I then choose archive and install and it archived everything but failed on install. Now I was left with 1.9 gigs which isn’t enough space to do much with. I then had to boot into OS 9 to backup and burn stuff that I wanted to try and save. Thank goodness I still had that around and everyone MUST partition their drives. Without OS 9 on a different partition, I would have been screwed. I then had to do a clean install and it worked! Now I’m in 10.4 and it’s after midnight so I won’t get to play much. I hope to get all my old information back, especially mail messages and keychain information.

I’ve never had any bad experience with updates until now and I don’t know if it had anything to do with my little screw-up as mentioned in a previous post.

Oh well, tomorrow (or later today) I will hopefully get to learn more about my new OS! I am still really excited for it.