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Mail or Thunderbird? [updated]

I’m once again questioning what email client is best for work. I love from Apple, however it’s lacking in features. No labels, no smart folders, no priorities, no return receipts. Ok, so if you can’t tell I’m on 10.3 at work and not 10.4. Mac OS 10.4 fixes all those issues except labels. Still is free, has all the features I seem to want/need and more. Like extensions and themes! It just seems to me that, even in 10.4, the Mail application is not quite good enough for business. Either that or I need some tips. 😉

I’ve switched to from and am thinking about switching from Mail to Thunderbird. The only downside is that Mail is so lightweight, fast, has spell check as you type and I do like it a lot. I’m just not sure. If Apple, or some other company, would get labels working in Mail, I think that I’d be set.

[Update] I have created labels for Apple’s! Currently I’m testing them in 10.3 and still have to test them on Mac OS 10.4 – Tiger. Check back later (probably next week) and I’ll make labels available to everyone!

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  1. Chuck Franks says:

    I have also just switched from Safari to Firefox… ok I”m still in the process, Safari is a crutch I’m very comfortable with. But I’m not happy with Mail now and looking at Thunderbird. So Thank you so much for your posts. They are not only helpful but I feel like I’m walking in your shoes. And your making it a very comfortable fit.
    Chuck Franks

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