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Search Algorithms: Patent Files

My first session today was on search engine patents; what they mean an how they relate. It was pointed out that every search engine knows that SEO’s and competitors will read these patents and so they know to disclose only what is necessary.

Here are a few pointers from the conference.

  • Search Engines can see the domain’s inception date
  • Like to see updated content (more than just changing the date or some links)
  • If links remain after a big page update, they must be important
  • Freshness of inbound links, freshness of page that inbound links are on and link history are all taken into account.
  • Speed at which links are gained is important.
  • How long a domain is registered for.
  • Click though rates. Yes search engines pay attention to what links you click on
  • Time spend on a site.
  • Stats/Hits play a role.
  • Duplicate content is looked at by comparing a set number of characters at time. Then scoring the document compared to another. It’s very technical.
  • IP Address may effect linking or ranking
  • It takes time. Anything gotten fast (links or rank) will put up red flags
  • Search engines can see three way links
  • They pay attention to IP changes
  • They can filter out some Session IDs
  • Can filter out headers and footers if they are all the same.
  • Google Ads help get your site crawled more often because Google has to come back and check on their ads.

This was the best session of the day and the one I felt I learned the most at.

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