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Video and Podcast Search

I was a little disappointed at this one, however it was still quite interesting. They spend most of the time talking about video searches and no time talking about how to create Podcasts like I was hoping they would.

Blinks has the best service because they have software that actually listens to every Podcast and video and then uses voice recognition software to create indexable consent for that clip. This way no one can put in a description that says it’s about computers when it’s really about software. Kinda smart.

Google gives free hosing and bandwidth for videos. Just upload them and Google will do the rest. However they did say that their service was at about a 2 out of 10 right now. Lots of work left to do and it doesn’t play well with Macs. They also will have a pay service so that you can charge people $3 or something to see your video if you wish.

Aol just bought Singing Fish and they are all excited about that. Yahoo talked about the image search, photo search, movies search, Flicker and the new audio search. Nothing to breakthrough though. Yahoo loves how Flicker gets the users to do all the work though via tagging. Very smart.

iTunes was talked about. It’s really started to bring Podcasts mainstream. However, no services have any similarities in Podcast RSS feeds. Yahoo, iTuens, Singing Fish and Blinxs all have different submission standards and they are hoping to standardize something soon.

They also mentioned that Podcasts are easier than most people think. You can record them via cell phones put them up. It doesn’t matter if they are that great, just get started with something. They also said that Podcasts should have their own RSS feeds and all have their own landing pages. Video should have the meta data added in in the audio software that was used to create or optimize it. Plus you should use keyword rich file names and link names when linking to any video.

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