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MSN is Stalking Me

I thought it was love at first, but now I think it’s stalking. The MSN Bot won’t stop visiting!

On the 22nd msnbott hit my blog 1,784 times.
On the 23rd msnbott hit my blog 2,957 times.
On the 24th msnbott hit my blog 4,712 times.
On the 25th msnbott hit my blog 2,005 times by 7:30 CST.

I’m not sure what they are looking for but I only have 612 posts. I’m guessing they are indexing every post, every category & post and every archived date & post.

This helps my suspicion that WordPress is making everything to complicated as it’s linked to from many different areas. I think this is confusing the MSN Bott.

We’ll just have to wait and see how things play out. I did have an msnbott issue once before but that was caused by a calendar script that could go for years! That has since been removed and I don’t know of any spider issues on the site now.

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  1. i just stumbled by your blog, and its really informative… not to mention you finding enough information and new stuff to keep it alive.

    keep up the good work, and thanks for making the internet just that much more informative!

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