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Minnesota State Fair!

It’s that time of year again, time for the great Minnesota get together! The started yesterday and we’re all excited to go.

New this year for food is: [from ]
– Spaghetti and meatballs on a stick
– Grilled chocolate sandwiches
– Spiral chips
– Foot-long walleye sandwich
– Cheeseburger wontons
– “Puffy Daddy” (Thai sausage on a stick)
– Chocolate-dipped potato chips
– Italian gelato
– Chocolate-covered sunflower seeds
– Cheeseburger calzone
– Pappa Pup (footlong Pronto Pup)
– Green pepper rings
+ Plus there is no shortage of things on a sick!

Oh and I just found out that someone thought that Blog on a Stick was a good idea so they copied my blog name!!! Jason DeRusha of WCCO is promoting his blog as Blog on a Stick! Umm, I think I was here first. 😉 It’s all good though. Mine will be named Blog on a Stick even when it isn’t state fair time.

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  1. I run The Official Minnesota State Fair Button Collectors Group on Facebook and I’m trying to attract more people. Could you blog about it for me?


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