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Are you obsessed with smilies? Well can help feed your addiction.

While I was out at SES, the people mentioned Smiley Central because it’s one of their projects. Now I wouldn’t usually trust something like this, but since it came from the Ask Jeeves company, I felt at ease.

I got Christi to download the Smiley toolbar and test it out as it only works on a PC. We first found out it didn’t work in Yahoo Mail with Firefox. With a little research we found out we had to get the eWebMail Color and Graphics Firefox extension to make it work in Firefox. Once it did we were all set to have some fun!

Lots of smilies are available and you can insert them into any email or form field that is supported by the toolbar. Some are cute, some funny, gross, animated and all are just plain fun! If you are on a PC, and a smiley fan, I suggest checking it out. It can bring a lot more fun to your emails and IM clients.

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  1. Twila says:

    Just wanted to comment regarding Smiley Central and Ask Jeeves. I would suspect that if you ran a good spyware software on your system about now, that you’d find it loaded up with adware/spyware. To do this I would use Spysweeper or Spybot Search & Destroy. Both have free versions that you can download. Smiley Central has been known for some time as a menace to pcs and now that Ask Jeeves has acquired Smiley Central, there’s some question as to it’s integrity as well. I’m a computer consultant and I spend much of my day cleaning other people’s systems and ridding them of these types of software. Eventually, you’ll find that your system has slowed to a crawl due to all the adware/spyware that gets hidden onit by Smiley Central. I hate to burst your bubble, because I too love the smilies, but I wouldn’t recommend Smiley Central as a good avenue to acquire such software.

    If you want a really good smiley program, go to and checkout their smiley software. You can get a free version or for a minimal fee, buy the full program and be assured that there’ll be no spyware/adware to bog down your system. It’s a great site with LOTS of free screensavers, stationeries for your email AND the smilies! I wish you luck with your endeavors to acquire some great smilies! But, again, I wouldn’t use Smiely Central, FunWebProducts or anything tied to them.

    Have a great day and good luck!

  2. Thomas says:

    Thanks for the info. I think that Ask has cleaned up all the spyware or is doing their best. It may have been there but should be gone now. Hopefully 🙂

    We just ran the anti spam/virus/adware program that is on my wife’s PC and it found no Smiley Central issues. So maybe it’s free of any of that now thanks to Ask.

  3. Thomas says:

    We search for spyware on my wifes computer and it never finds anything major. Maybe because she uses Firefox? 😀

  4. liam says:

    i had a friend who downloaded smiley central and i had to take an hour to clean of loads of spyware and adware.
    If you ask me do not download it it is spyware!!!

  5. Lisa says:

    I had Smiley Central and I never connected it to issues I was having with my computer. They advertise that they are spy free, but when my son came home from college, he cleaned my computer and got rid of Smiley still took MONTHS to get rid of all the spyware..Never again will I download anything with smiley central on it.:(

  6. Andrea says:

    Smiley Central is not a good thing to have. Sure it’s fun to play with and it has cursors too but it is loaded with some much junk your computer will be fried at the end of the month.I just downloaded it for the second time because my friend said that they got rid of all the spyware and junk. Once it got done downloading I have gotten a numerous amount of alerts from my computer about adware and spyware that is causing a nuisance. Now I have to go through the whole process again and get rid of it!Never will I download something that sounds so good and guarentees no spyware and adware!

  7. chris says:

    i have downloaded smiley central and i used it in msn but everytime i right sometin loads of emos come up which i didnt right and its pissin me of cos i cant delet them so i uninstalled it so if u want to use it in msn heres my advise DONT DOWNLOAD THIS … ITS GOOD BUT I CANT RIGHT ANYTHIN IF YOU ALREADY HAVE OTHER EMOS

  8. Thomas says:

    Chris, you might want to check with their support team. We used it in Firefox and it worked great. I have no idea how the IE version works.

  9. ABC says:

    I am trying to prove to a friend the smiley central i bad, she wont beleive me! What do I do?

  10. Thomas says:

    I guess it depends. Running Firefox with Smiley Central on a PC it worked just fine. No issues. People who have had problems are probably talking from old installs (back when there were issues) or maybe it’s an IE issue.

  11. Matt says:

    within a few minutes of installing this thing a friend of mine told me it was adware – he’d had experience of it before and luckily he knew how to remove it completely

    every time i accessed the internet a window popped up trying to download components of the program. (these turned out to be .zip files that couldnt be unzipped and didnt contain any archives)

    apparently this virus attaches itself to the system clock so that it doesnt get stopped when you shut down, to get rid of it i had to type a long command into notepad then run that – then delete the clock animation file and restart my computer

    after that the download windows persisted becasue it had also infected my download manager so i had to uninstall that as well. then to get rid of the various toolbars and buttons i used add/remove programs

  12. Tracey says:

    my mum went on smilely central and within seconds a fake antivirus program installed itself when she clicked cancel,it had fake warnings of her pc being infected.Then AVG picked up a THREAT straight away.Beware of WindowsFix2006/SpywareQuake/VirusBurst/WInFix2006 there are many different names they go under,are all fake programs but ADWARE in disguise!!! and give false yellow triangle warnings aswell that windows is infected a trick to get money buying a full version.It will come bundled with other Malware and actually the cancel button means YES.I run SmitFraudFix,SpyBot and RogueScanFix (all Free) in safemode and killed the infection.

  13. Thomas says:

    Maybe Ask doesn’t still own them. I have no idea anymore. I don’t keep up. 😉

  14. abby says:

    I really want smiley central! But I can’t get it. I have to copy and paste pictures of smileys! So unfair. I have no clue why I am talking. Bye.

  15. Tyler says:

    I had smiley central back in 2004. It didnt give me problems. I knew it was spyware about a year later, and was shocked. In my opinion, Smiley Central was kind of annoying anyway. Guess people get what they *dont* pay for.

  16. Nova says:

    You really have to watch smiley central’s install program. I tried to install the new version since my spyware scrubbers removed it, and the bar would not install on I.E. Their site was giving me an error. When I started up my computer the next day my anti-spyware program, command found 2 viurses that came from Command deleted them on startup. Lucky for me.

  17. Anita says:

    WAY TO REMOVE DESKTOP SMILEY TOOLBAR/SMILEY CENTRAL ! i want to tell you that if you want to remove Smiley Central/Desktop Smiley , then you can go to Control Panel….Add/Remove Programs , And look for Smiley Central/Desktop Smiley Toolbar.And i am sure if u find the Smiley Central or Desktop Smiley Toolbar,Then you will see 2 buttons , Change/remove buttons .. then if click on Remove , then it will amke Excuses like .. Please clse all the Internet Explorer etc. . so u can press Change .. and u need to also Sign out from Yahoo messenger and MSn messenger … MSN/WLM…and then click Uninstall . then u can remove it easily .!

  18. Traceyvk9 says:

    Thomas I have Firefox and still have a lot of problems with all the junk from Smiley Central. It took ages to get it all cleaned out then I still had to get my computer guy to work on it, he said to keep away from Smiley Centra. It is dangerous to your computer.

  19. Thomas says:

    I wrote this post in 2005. A lot could have happened since then. I haven’t checked it out in years.

  20. Vandani says:

    i downloaded the desktop smiley toolbar when i noticed that every time i use the internet auto search keep on popping searching for anything i do not even know. I uninstalled the desktop smiley toolbar but the problem is still persistent and I cant get rid of it. Its keep on coming and its ruining my net surfing..I am hoping you can solve my problem about this desktop smiley, rock you, free lotto, travian games, new recipes, whatever..that keeps on popping up on my window .

    Please help

  21. Shelagh says:

    I made the mistake of installing desktop smiley. Now I get all kinds of of pop up ads. I can’t prove its smiley but I want to deinstall it. When I go to add/remove programs, I see the smiley software. But whether I try Remove or Change, I always just get stuck with “one or more IE is running. Please close all IE and then click retry”. It never lets me deinstall. How do I get this thing off my computer!!!!( I have Windows XP SP2).

  22. Freddy says:

    Don’t download Smiley central! It may look fun and cute but it has spyware and viruses that can mess up your computer! Don’t even try it once! YOUR COMPUTER MIGHT BE DESTORYED!!!

  23. Rose says:

    Smiley Central only makes me frown.
    I tried it out years ago and found out that it was trouble. I told my son not to download it onto my computer EVER. He didn’t listen 🙁 So now I am busy trying to remove all the garbage off my computer so that I don’t have to do Internet from my phone. 🙁

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