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iPod nano Mini Review

We stopped by the Mall of America today and I had to go into the Apple store. The iPod nano was on my must see list. My impression? It was amazing!

It was tiny, fast, beautiful and I didn’t want to put it down. This little device is speedy, full of features and an amazing little device. I briefly compared it to a regular iPod and tested how fast it loaded pictures. The nano seemed to out perform the regular iPod. However the regular iPod does have a bigger screen and a little more to hang on to. Plus they can hold much more. Either way, the black iPod nano is very good looking and it will be a big seller.

I also tried the new Apple Mighty Mouse while at the Apple store and it was nice. But the little ball thingey seemed to small. I didn’t play with it a lot, but my first impressions was that it was just ok.

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