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Good Ride Cowboy – Garth Brooks

Another week and more new Garth Brooks music! 😀 A few weeks back I hear Who’ll Stop the Rain and now when I turn on the radio I hear Good Ride Cowboy!

Good Ride Cowboy is actually a single this time. Written about Garth’s good friend , it’s a tribute to Chris’ life. I guess the new song is the first single from the new box set. Humm does that mean we’ll get a few new Garth singles? And what’s so great about this box set? Only time will tell.

Kind of bummed about the deal though. It means that iTunes won’t have it. 🙁 So when can I get a copy of this song? I want to download it today! Does anyone have it? Want to share? 😉

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  1. Thomas says:

    Sorry Ashley, not much new stuff or tour dates until his youngest is 18. And that is YEARS away. 🙂

  2. Ashley says:

    YAY!!! i’m so excited to hear garth back on the radio! i heard also that included in the box set would be, not exactlly new, but some previously unreleased songs. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE GOOD RIDE COWBOY! i hope that this could lead to more new music, possibly and album, or even some tour dates!

  3. DAvid says:

    Good Ride Cowboy is Classic Garth Brooks, I was excited To hear new music From Garth. I’s Been Five Years Since THe Release of Scarecrow & this new Material Has Been A long time Comming! It would be Great To see Garth Make A Comeback To Touring, But on the Other hand I have Alot Of respect For Garth Taking the TIme TO BE a FAther & Raise HIs FAmily..

  4. Maverick says:

    Good Ride Cowboy is an awesome song. I just downloaded this song and I keep playing it over and over.

  5. chad says:

    if you find out where to download it, let me know

  6. Thomas Wolf says:

    Good Ride Cowboy
    words by: Richie Brown, Jerrod Niemann, Brian Kennedy and Bob Doyle
    EMI Blackwood Music / Songs of Sea Gayle / First Wind Music, BMI / The Old Professor’s Music / Major Bob Music, ASCAP

    From the hills of Kaycee, Wyoming
    Where life’s wooly and wild
    There’s a Navy brat in a cowboy hat
    And that Copenhagen smile
    And from buckin’ broncs to honky tonks
    He always sang a cowboy’s song
    We were much too young, havin’ too much fun
    As we all sang along

    We sang Life’s a Highway
    There’s only one way you’re gonna get through it
    When she starts to twist be more like Chris
    Pull your hat down tight
    And just LeDoux it!
    When that whistle blows
    And that crowd explodes
    And them pickup men are at your side
    They tell you good ride cowboy, good ride

    From gold buckles to gold records
    Once again he was spinnin’ ’round
    Took the whole world on
    And he turned us on to that Western Underground
    And from Bareback Jack to This Cowboy’s Hat
    The songs were stronger than his pain
    He would not slow down from town to town
    Like children running thru the rain

    We sang Life’s a Highway
    There’s only one way you’re gonna get through it
    When she starts to twist be more like Chris
    Pull your hat down tight
    And just LeDoux it!
    When that whistle blows
    And that crowd explodes
    And them pickup men are at your side
    They tell you good ride cowboy, good ride

    We sang Life’s a Highway
    There’s only one way you’re gonna get through it
    When she starts to twist be more like Chris
    Pull your hat down tight
    And just LeDoux it!
    When that whistle blows
    And that crowd explodes
    And them pickup men are at your side
    They tell you good ride cowboy, good ride

    When we cross that river Jordan,
    With St Peter on the other side
    Singin’ Good Ride Cowboy, Good Ride!
    Say Good Ride Cowboy, Good Ride!

  7. Casey says:

    Where did you download the single “Good Ride Cowboy”? I am a huge Chris Ledoux fan and cannot find where to download it or buy it? thanks

  8. JustDouxIt says:

    I’m a Navy brat, Chris’ Dad was Air Force

  9. Thomas says: does not accept responsibility for files that are linked in comments. (like the one above) I did download it and it appears to be what it says it is, but download at your own risk. Thanks

  10. Josh says:

    i love this new song, if only garth's youngest daughter was 18 already then we be hearing alot more of garth!

  11. Zach says:

    Hey garth is hands down the best country artist and his daughter needs to grow up fast!!!!!

  12. harv says:

    Garth is no George – but it's great to hear his sound on the radio again and hopefully there's more to come!!!!

  13. Casey says:

    Hey JustDouxIt,

    Thanks for that link and GOD BLESS CHRIS LEDOUX!!!

  14. Linda says:

    I SCREAMED when I heard the song, I am an almost 40 year old mom, and I just could not believe I was hearing Garth
    on the radio again. I love this song, love Garth; there’s been a void since he “retired”, I hope he sees with the
    release of his song how much he is loved and missed!

  15. Hooked*On*8 says:

    Thanks for the link. I have been a die hard LeDoux for over 20 years, not much of a Garth fan but I have been looking for this song. Thanks for the link!


  16. Matt Baker says:

    so garth brooks is the reason that i play guitar and sing country music. the second reason is chris ledoux. i cried the day he died and i’m crying right now.

    god bless you chris i know ur lookin down on us

  17. BRETT says:

    oh man, i can't find this song ANYWHERE!!! where can I download it!!!???

  18. Life's*A*hiway* says:

    I heard the song, when I was home aand thought is that GARTH…. na…
    I was driving my truck to work, he and I both are BIG GARTH AND CHRIS FANS…
    I SCREAMED.. and then had to come on line and check it out.. I’m so excited about
    this new song!! I to am a older listener… going on 39 and my son is 17 we have seen
    both Chris and Garth in concert at different times… Way to go GARTH!!!! I’m sure
    Chris is just smilin from that old cowboy hat..

  19. Mike says:

    I heard the song a few days ago after hopping into my car and catching the middle of it…it took three seconds to realize it was a new Garth tune, which really made me happy. The last time something like this happened (not knowing there was a new one out there) was the release of Beer Run, and I can still tell you exactly where I was when it first came on the radio (in my car, of course).

    Heard it again today and decided to google it for some more info…imagine my surprise when you site came up.


    Somebody asked about a new album and tour dates…you’ll have to wait until 2015. Garth has firmly said he won’t reevaluate his decision to come back full-time until his youngest daughter graduates from high-school, which is then. Even then he may not come back. Hopefully he does.

  20. As the webmaster of the above link, Garth and his songwriters profusely do not agree to direct linking or file sharing of
    music. As such the link is now dead. You can not get the file fromt he link any longer.

    However the song does still play when you do go to Richie Brown’s website and listen from there.

    As for Garth … you have a chance to see him on TV quite a bit starting this weekend on GAC’s Grand Ole Opry Live when he comes to Nashville to help celebrate the opry’s 80th birthday. He will also be at the CMA Awards in New York on November 22nd. And possibly on Jay Leno as well once the album comes out. 🙂

  21. B rian says:

    I’m a long time Garth fan, and after discovering Chris his Live cd has not left my changer to this day. I was happy to see Garth do the lifetime award(or whatever it was) in chris’s memory not long. Its nice to know he’s still around out there.

  22. cadalic cowboy says:

    chris was the best singer ever and long live his legacy in the harts of the American cowboys and cowgirls

  23. Jesse says:

    They kinda bash him on that site, but hell, it’s the mp3 downloaded, right? heh

  24. cissie says:

    i would love to share with someone…is anyone willing to shar with me. i would love to find the one “who’ll stop the rain”
    anyone want to trade with me?

  25. cissie says:

    ok, i have the song “good ride cowboy”, and yes i will share

    i am looking for “who’ll stop the rain” by garth , the only place i could find
    so far, to download it,..said it was no longer there cause time had run out
    or something to that effect. can anyone help me get this song.

  26. keeley says:

    Chris Ledoux is the BEST!! I have been a die hard fan for as long as i can remember!!! GOD BLESS CHRIS LEDOUX!!!

  27. jim says:

    anybody checked out
    kind of suspicious, looks like the earth with the garth “g” in the midle and the words
    ” IT’S COMING..”

  28. Thomas says:

    jim, that's new! I looked a few days ago and it wasn't there. Good catch!

  29. Thomas says:

    I like them. Kind of the rockin country thing.

  30. Toopy says:

    It really would be nice to get out country music out of this “pop/hiphop” slump….so sick of big and rich and cowboy troy
    and all these guys that have nothing to sing about and no emotion or enthusiasm to show it. Good to hear something new

  31. jim says:

    i personally dont consider cowboy troy and bid&rich country

  32. Me says:

    They aren’t country really, but I like some of their stuff, this new song is great, I want to hear this other rain song you guys are talking about?

  33. jim says:

    i personally like george canyon, or george strait and garth brooks. they are definetly my top 3

  34. biggestledouxfan says:

    chris ledoux is my all time favorite country singer, and garth brooks is right up there too, so when i heard this song i the feeling was indescribable…i love this song

  35. Laura lee says:

    Leave it to Garth to say how we all feel! Good Man, Good Heart, Good-Bye Chris.

  36. Hey, I’m a great fan for Garth Brooks, living so far, in Argentina. I heard this song on‘ radio program. Listen it. It’s the only one countryradio show in spanish with country in spanish also.

  37. btucker says:

    I went to the richiebrown website. “Good Ride Cowboy” still plays, but no download. I listened to a couple of the songs there, and would not be surprised to hear them later.

  38. Katie says:

    Why do we have to bash anyone at all? I personally love Cowboy Troy, Big & Rich, and Garth–they all have different music, but its all good music, and expressions of each individual artist. As much as I like where country music is going right now, it is soooo good to hear a cowboy song again. Nobody does it like Garth, and no one ever will.

  39. kim says:

    I’m so glad that garth is back on the radio. I love this new song. And even though he’s been gone for a while he still has the same energy as always. I love this new song. It too has a lot of energy to it.

  40. Luke says:

    Garth is great, but Chris was the King. He taught Garth everything he knows about a dynamic show. I almost drove of the rode when I heard Garth singin’ about Chris Ledoux! He was the last of the REAL cowboy entertainers. LONG LIVE CHRIS LEDOUX!!!!

  41. JB says:

    I saw Chris’s last show, and it was unreal. To think the man was only months from death, and still willing to go out and put on that kind of show shows just how much he loved his job, lifestyle, and fans. A great great man, who will be missed forever.

  42. Tom says:

    Does anyone have a link to Who'll Stop the Rain?

    Email [email protected]

  43. Thomas says:

    New version. Odd. Was there a mistake in the original?

  44. Brian says:

    I heard the “new” version of “Good Ride Cowboy” on the radio this morning – where he changed “Navy brat” to “Air Force brat.” Since I’m a retired AF guy I think it was all the song needed to be perfect 🙂

  45. Ez says:

    New version, I guess Chris's dad was Career Air Force, not Navy.

    I think his dad was a pilot stationed in Biloxi, Mississippi

  46. Danish Cowboy says:

    I like Garth. Chris, however, got me listening to country. I used to dislike country and I taught myself “Paint Me Back In Wyoming”, just because I thought it was such a tear-jerker. Years went by and eventually I found myself missing the song…. I tried to look it up and found that the artist to be one “LeDoux”. I started buying a couple of CDs and guess what! Now my kids are laughing at this one danish guy (well.. me) listening to country and wearing a cowboy hat (rarely seen in this country). Garth is cool. Chris rocked… I still know the lyrics to “Paint me back”.

  47. Bob McCarty says:

    Born and raised in Oklahoma, my claim to fame is that I was a college classmate of Garth Brooks. Yes, for three years, he was just another guy sitting through classes with me at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater. You can read more about it at my blog:

  48. Earl says:

    life is a highway, I wanna ride it all night long

  49. Kevin says:

    Garth Brooks is probably the best country music singer ever. Just to let you all know Garth retired in 2002 and the only reason he done Good Ride Cowboy is in honor of Chris Ledoux. I have the box set that he put out and in the dvd that is in that set he said nothing of coming back into the music biz. Sorry to let you guys down but he is retired and thats it.

  50. john says:

    haters Brooks is best

  51. kaeloni says:

    i love garth brookes hes awsome

  52. Erica says:

    Garth Brooks is one of the greatest country singers ever! I know he is getting old but he is still highly listen to. I love the fact that even though he is retired his songs still live on the radio.

  53. Thomas says:

    Old??? How dare you say old! 😉

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