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Not so ToughSkin

Since I have an new iPod, I need a new skin for it. So I was shopping around when I found a . This had all the features I wanted; mainly it had to look good and have the round part on the back for a belt clip. So I bought it.

A few days later it arrived and it was cool. Came with a screen protector and a wheel protector. However there are two downfalls. You can’t use it with the Dock or iTrip. Now no Dock access is ok as I can just use the cable, not a huge deal. But no iTrip?! That’s not going to fly with me.

I took a look at it and figured out that the problem was to much rubberish stuff at the top of the ToughSkin case. So I took an exacto knife and carefully took pieces of the case off until my iTrip would work. I even had to make the hole on top bigger. Sure enough it worked! My case is a little cut up, but it still appears to look good and I don’t think I ruined it in any way.

All in all, a success story. Now I have a cool ToughSkin case that works with my iTrip.

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