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Firefox with Aqua Form Widgets

Give it up for a fellow named “Pu7o” who figured out how to build Firefox with Mac form widgets.

Granted the implementation isn’t perfect, but it sure is much closer than anything we’ve seen before. Now aqua check boxes, radio buttons and buttons show up.

If you’re on a Mac and would like the native form widgets, just hop on over to where they were nice enough to re-build Firefox 1.5 with the Mac widgets.

Oh and did I mention that the form widgets can be themed by Shapeshifter?! Cool!

For those who don’t know, BeatnikPad builds Firefox from the official code and usually ads a few performance tweaks or other goodies in with it. It’s the same version as Mozilla distributes, only with a little more polish. When you download it it’ll show up with a blue world icon and a name of Deer Park. This is because the Firefox icon and name are reserved only for official Mozilla use. It’s still the same application. Just change the icon and rename it to Firefox and you’ll be all set. 🙂

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