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Microsoft Wireless Keyboard & Mouse

For the past two days I’ve been testing out a wireless Microsoft keyboard and mouse. So far, my feelings are pretty positive.

Now I’m not a huge Microsoft fan, actually I tend to avoid them like the plague, but this keyboard and mouse was just sitting there, looking all sad like with all it’s buttons. Ohh buttons!! So I thought I’d take it for a spin.

It’s also good to note I had a Kensington wireless mouse or two and was not pleased with how they worked. A short click delay bugged the crud out of me so I went back to wired. However, with Microsoft, there is no delay.

My keyboard is a Wireless Comfort/Multimedia keyboard with buttons for iTunes (stop play ff rew), five programmable favorites, a web button, calendar button, mail, messenger and documents button. Along with calendar, log off, sleep and various other buttons. I’m almost in button heaven!

The keyboard also has a curve to it. Must be a comfort feature as the H and B buttons are larger than most other letters and the number six key is kinda small. But my fingers seem to flow ok.

My only real gripe here is that the space bar doesn’t always register my hit. Maybe I need to hit harder or get it worked in. Oh and it’s a Windows keyboard so no Apple key icon, but I’ll tape one on. Microsoft was nice enough to switch a few keys around for Macs so the Apple key is where it should be though, even if it says something different.

The mouse is quite comfortable too. It has five buttons and is a button or two short from my last mouse but still pretty nice. Scroll well is silent and feels soft. The only issue here is that the middle click doesn’t always register. Not sure what the issue is there.

All in all I’m pretty impressed. I can’t tell I’m on wireless except for the fact I can move my keyboard and mouse anywhere. Maybe I’ll convince my boss to get me one with an Apple key. Oh and more buttons!! 😀

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