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Mint : It’s like Firefox for Stats

No, Mint isn’t another new offering from Mozilla, but rather well designed stats package for your website. Not only does it look good, it’s also very easy to use and extendable!

Mint costs $30 and you install it your webserver. It’s PHP based and requires a database but it’s really simple to setup and use. Once installed, you instantly start tracking page views, unique visitors and referrers. Need more information? That’s where Mint excels.

Much like Firefox, Mint comes with the basics already installed. However, some want more functionality. Firefox has the ability to install extensions to perform various tasks where as Mint has the ability to install Peppers to gather more information.

Some Peppers I have installed include:

  • User Agent 007 – Tracks browser information.
  • Trends – What pages are popular? Which ones aren’t.
  • Outclicks – What links are people leaving my site on?
  • Download Counter – What files are people downloading?
  • Referrer Aggregator – Tracks referrers and organizes them in hour blocks so I can see who has referred visitors in the past hour or in the past week.
  • FreshView – SVG chart of visitors graphed by hour.

Peppers are extremely easy to install and activate. Need more? Don’t worry, the Mint forum has plenty of Peppers to check out. You can even build a Pepper to gain the functionality you want.

For $30 bucks, Mint is an excellent stats tracking package. It’s easy to install, easy to use, has all the features you need plus the ability to add more.

Screenshot of my blog visitor stats in Mint:

Blog Stats with Mint

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