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PubCon Day One : Malcom, Local, YPN

Day one started out with Malcom Gladwell’s keynote. I’ll admit I’ve never heard of the guy. However, he was extremely interesting. His talk was on ‘the tipping point’. Basically everything throughout history has had a tipping point. Anything can seem like a huge task, however, once it reaches the tipping point, it can happen with little or no work. One great example was the Berlin wall. No one would ever have said that it’d fall in just one month and cost nothing. But it did.

The sessions were informative also. Especially the Local Search session. I don’t pay to much attention to local search and I have realized that I’m missing out. I need to checkout places like and make sure my clients are in there. Not only that, but they look like extremely great places to do local searches. 😉 I’ll admit it, I usually use Google or Yahoo and put in a city name with my search. It works, but it’s probably not near as relevant as the local search engines.

In the evening Yahoo Publisher Network threw a party. Just free drinks, some food and networking. It was a lot of fun and I got to talk to some cool people. Even Matt Cutts and another Google guy (sorry don’t remember his name).

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